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they are great for a situation where you want a second angle or just a wide angle to see everything. Just remember it's typically a very wide angle lens so you might not see much detail if it's a long shot. We use them a lot, as I mentioned for a second angle or a creative location to put a small camera to get neat footage. If you already have a camcorder you'd be better served and have a little more versatility if you just get one of the cheaper tree arms and mount it next to you, set it to a wide angle and push record when you want to. You can still zoom if needed or get your reaction if you want. I'd stay away from the brackets that mount a camera to you gun or bow as the shock from the shot is very hard on the camera. If you want a small stand alone camera to mount on your hat or something check out the Stealthcam Epic, they work great and don't need a separate camera to record to. I think they run about $150 and record to a memory card.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
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