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Look at the labels on some chicken packages. The ones I've seen lately say that there has been chicken stock added. HUH?

My little brother likes to use those stands that ya put up a chickens butt. The stands are really just can holders. He told me just recently that a whole chicken cooked with a can of coke is fantastic! He likes doing them with a dark beer also.
I've injected chicken leg quarters with buffalo sauce and grilled them slowly. Don't try to marinate with the sauce because the sauce will carmalize(sp?) and burn before the chicken gets done.
I fix grilled breasts for my wife and use Morton's seasoned salt on them. Rub a little bit on before grilling. When ya turn 'em over, hit them with a little spray butter and more season salt. The butter keeps them from getting too dried out.

Hope some of these work for ya!
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