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As a Midwest Posse member, I'll admit it's hard to leave our home area to hunt other places....especially during the rut!!! It's kinda like leaving the Yukon to hunt Eastern Canada for Moose. Eastern Canada has excellent hunting in it's own right, but the Yukon it one of the best places you can hope to hunt. That being said, the main reason a large number of deer are killed in the midwest is that a big portion of the Posse live and hunt in the there. However, I'd love to do a late season hunt out East or even a southeastern hunt. Maybe a combo hunt with hogs or gators.....hmmm, now you've got me thinking

Sorry, I also meant to say, it's not a marketing ploy...a lot of Posse members swap hunts with each other. We are just expanding our hunting family and opening up new opportunities to eachother. Hopefully you'll be seeing some east coast deer soon!

Also where do you hunt in KS? I've hunted there a few times....had a great time!!
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