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We are back and passed up a few bears, we were holding out for some no brainers but really didn't see any. We cut some good sign but NO such luck. Most of the hunters in camp shot bears and some really cool colors too. We just couldn't catch a break, heck even our old friend Bob Irvine (the bearman himself) from WolfCreek Outfitters came up to join us for a few days, but no luck...

Vicki,Tony (rainman) and I headed back to BC with Glen Venus and had the ultimate bear hunt, this outfitter and camp is second to NONE! We stayed on a 72 ft ship, we called it a ship but they call it a boat, and we saw MONSTER BEARS, both shot bears over 6' 5"...mine was bigger than Vic's! had fresh crab, prawns, haibut, saw mountain goats, seals, porpoises, blacktail deer, roosevelt elk, the scenery is spectacular and if you are looking for the ultimate spot & stalk bear hunt, it is more expensive but this is unbelievable and you can't find better people and game.

Freddy & Gary headed up to with Heather Chaney and she, YES that is right SHE runs a great camp too and the guys had bears all over them, shot 3 and got them all on camera, and it is one of the best priced bear camps out there. Our guys have been there twice and got bears both times....

I know Gary & Scott are heading to Ken Ganglers in 2 weeks, Vicki & I were supposed to be there next week but the weather is bad still way up north and Ken had to switch to a later week and we couldn't change oue schedule so Gary & Scott are the lucky ones and we are not....No Manitoba monsters for us this year, WE ARE BUMBED!

Joe & Z are up with Addrenaline Outfitters, Russ, Joel & Rod in central Manitoba right now, got a text, they saw a monster the other night and also some breeding going on already, passed up a few bears so far. Hoppy took his son Sage and filmed him shoot his first ever black bear with his Hoyt, how cool is that! Dusty and Tony are heading up there in two weeks also so we wish them great success too.

Meegan & Lonnie both shot bears in Quebec with had a great hunt and want to go back....

I know I missing some but will try and figure it out and get back to all of you.
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