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Hey Robert! Thanks for the reminder on the belt.

Some waders do come with a cinchable belt, but I've found that an old leather one works best.

Chad the idea behind the belt is that when you do fall in... (note the fact that I said when... not if... you will - everyone does) the belt should stop the water from rushing in below the waist.

It's better to fish with a friend in these cases.

#1 - The obvious safety issue.
#2 - It's a real kick to watch folks try and stop the fall when all they have is water around them. Hehe... Go on ahead Master Jedi... use the force.

It's also a VERY good idea to never go in above your knees if possible. Between the casting, the moving, fighting the fish, and then fighting a current... you'll get worn out in an awful hurry. The deeper the water... the stronger the current underneath it. Stay out of the deep stuff. Leave that to someone on another site to fall victim to.
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