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On top of Rick's sound advice, I'd look at a heavier rod instead of one of the lite weight ones. A heavier rod is easier to learn with.
Got any ponds around ya? If so, get some top water cork popping bugs and have a blast! Pan fish and bass flat love 'em and can provide hours of fun. You'll get your casting down pat and relearn how to set the hook, all at one fail swoop.

WallyWorld, BassPro, Cabelas and Dicks Sporting goods all offer entry level kits. Most of the kits will be under $75.

Rick, I wished someone had explained the felt bottoms to me a while back. Them freakin neopreme duck hunting waders ain't worth a dang on moss covered snotrocks. Glad I had the chest belt tightened...
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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