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Originally Posted by ACM_Ralph View Post
OK, my first thought on the new Braxe was I didn't like the way the blade looked, had some reservations, but here is what I can tell you for FACT.

Flight was great! no problems with any flight issues they shot very close to my practice head Spitfires, I shoot these all the time!
I shot my Alphamax at 61 lbs and took a 6"7' black bear this spring in BC at under 30 yards, spot & stalk, my Beman tipped with the Braxe went thru the lower part of the scapula and stuck into the opposite shoulder. The bear went about 40-50 yards and piled up. You will see it all on the show, but you can see my shot was right there and the penetration was excellent for the lower kinetic energy I was shooting with this set up. The head was in perfect shape and I was impressed with the performance.

I can tell you if it had failed I would let you all know, NAP is a good company and they want to have the best equipment out there and they do listen and make changes, so we do reports all the time for them.

Can tell you Freddy just got back from Alberta and shot 2 bears with the new Bloodrunners and liked them, he said they flew like his fieldpoints and had complete pass throughs on both bears. He felt the entrance hole didn't look as big as his Spitfires normally did, blood trail was excellent....

That is it so far will let you know more as it happens....
Thanks ACM-Ralph! NAP makes some very avante gard technology and these two new broadheads are very inventive looking and this sort of reporting helps. I just read on the front home page Fred's bear hunting in Alberta trip where he referrs to the Bloodrunner.

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