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Lamination provides more of a grip on the animals paw which spreads out the pressure of the trap over a bigger area and allows for more blood flow in the paw. Basically, it is advantageous to the trapper in that it gives you a better grip and to the animal as it makes being in the trap more comfortable.

DEFINITELY get offset jaws if you get coilsprings and if you can, get laminated ones as well. Offsets are a must in my opinion. Regular jaws are ok in a drowning set scenario as the animal is dispatched quickly, but in a non-lethal set up, the animal can begin to loose feeling in the paw which leads to them harming themselves. (think the "chewed their leg off to get out of the trap" myth). They won't intentionally hurt themselves, but once the paw goes numb, they don't realize what they're doing, they're just biting at the trap and getting their paw in the process.

As for NAFA, I don't sell to them directly, I just sell to a fur buyer in my area. I don't know that it's worth shipping to NAFA directly unless you have a bunch of fur or if you don't have a fur buyer anywhere near you.
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