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Well....I have some private land, that I just got permission to hunt, that holds water all year and there are coon tracks all around, because there are grassland carwdads in there. There little "chimneys" are all over the place. Buddy Bill has permission to hunt a couple of properties that have creeks running through them. One actually has a river with a corn field right next to it, and a ditch on the other side of the field. This is where we hunt rabbits. He's pretty sure the guy won't care if we trap there. I'll try like heck not to use the conibears on land, becauseI don't want to catch someone's dog or cat. While researching, I saw some pics of dogs and cats in traps. One dog had his whole mouth jammed up in a conibear-propped open by the trap. It looked painful. Anyway, I watched a video last night that was pretty informative-Mink'n and Muskrat'n. This guy used stakes made from 1 bys that were about 2 inches at the top and tappered to a point. They seemed to work perfectly. He just grabbed one, set his trap, staked it, added a "diving" stick and went on the the next spot.

Speaking of blending in....should I dye the traps or would I be ok just boiling them?
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