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Have alot of work to do before the season open here on Oct 1/09. Need to clear afew more trees on the one property that I hunt. Also looks as if I might have lossed one of the big ranches that I hunt just afew minutes down the road from my dads place. Have shot alot of deer there in the last four years and seen afew big ones that got away.

My bow looks as if it is tuned pretty good just need to set up pins for some more longer distances. Going to have to choose which broadhead to use also, Rage three blades will be in the quiver most likely along with either Spitfires or Montecs for deer then Montecs or Something else for Moose? Nitrons maybe have some coming will have to see what I think of them. Would also like to try some Hellrazors.

Been trying alot of different heads over the last couple of months.

Not sure of which bow will be my hunting rig either might have to split the time between them.

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