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Default Too Easy...but I'll take it!

Been a long season this year. I've been in the thick of it most times I've been out but lots of jakes and henned up toms that weren't cooperating led to frustration. Then I got sick last week and haven't felt like going out since until today. Having a 3 month old at home doesn't lend itself to a lot of hunting time either, especially when both my wife and I work.

I finally felt better last night and decided I'd go out this morning. I got to the property late (I didn't realize just how early it got light now!) and hustle across a couple hundred yards of field to access the woods all the while listening for gobbles. Not a peep to be heard though!

Just as I was stepping across the small ditch that separates the woods from the field, a gobbler finally opened up about 100 yards in front of me! PERFECT!

I slowly eased through the woods to within about 50 yards of the roosted bird and just as I was about to sit down, another tom gobbled about 75 yards to my left! I knew there were 2 nice gobblers in this patch of woods and it appeared I was right between them!

Every few minutes one or both toms would gobble and I could hear the one closet to me spitting and drumming on the roost. I could also hear birds behind me in the trees fidgeting around but none of them made any calls.

Once I was ready, and it was pretty light in the woods then, I left out a soft series of tree yelps and was immediately answered. I waited a minute and then called again and he answered with 4-5 gobbles as fast as he could get them out! I figured that about sealed the deal and just planned to shut up.

It wasn't more than a minute or 2 and he bombed out of the tree practically into my lap! I let him hit the ground and dusted him at 15 yards with a load of #5's!

He's a nicer bird than I thought he was too!

Specs are 10" beard, 7/8s spurs and I didn't weigh him.

Here's a couple pics:

At the tree I shot him from

Hopefully the first of many with this little guy!
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