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Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 21:41:19 -0500
Subject: Texas Shoot-Out 2010

Be advised that we are up and going with a Ranch at La Pryor, Texas. Near
Hwy #57 and Hwy #83. We have a few details to work out such as the last
week in Feb. or the 1st. or 2nd weeks in March? the hunt will be Thursday
through Sunday, with the Ranch opening up on Wednesday. We also need to
verify wether it will be limited with a Pre-registration only (with a
number limit) The cost will be 250.00 Per Hunter 100.00 Paid non-hunter,
100.00 fifteen and under(Hunting) Free if not hunting. If we have a gate
registration that cost would be 275.00. The Ranch is about 20 miles south
of Uvalde and 20 miles north of crystal city. Advise if you would attend.
Thanks John W. Michel
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