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Originally Posted by youngbuck83 View Post
I was wondering where you were wyote... what took ya so long?
Tough hunting this year. Just couldn't get the birds to come in. The ones that did come in got hung up on the others side of thick brush or they were on the other side of creeks and rivers.

We didn't draw SD tags either so that cut us down to 1 turkey here in WY.

I also took some time off and flew to Rockford IL, then drove down to Barkley/KY lakes with friends and fished for a little over a week. I wish I would have made plans to hunt down there, good looking country!!!!

When we got back to Rockford I went out turkey hunting one morning with a couple of friends. They got one early that morning. Lots of birds there, I wouldn't mind hunting that part of the world some time.

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