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On my season opener, Wed, April 29th, 2009, I was covered up with turkeys. Had three different ones gobbling to me from the roost within 150 - 200 yards of where I set up, and at just about 06:00 watched them fly down and start coming for my hen decoy and calling. They stayed out in front for almost 2 hours strutting and gobbling, strutting and gobbling, but just weren't what I was quite looking for on opening day, and besides I was having fun talking back to them. Finally they walked off and I was left alone. I picked up and started doing a spot and stalk for some other birds, but never got close to any before reaching private property and turning back to the truck. Thursday was much of the same, turkeys here and there, gobbling...but never got any to come into my calls. On Friday and Saturday, the weather had changed, and it had become VERY WINDY. As far as hearing a bird, it was non-existent.

Saturday evening, I tried a different spot and came up with results. Called in a bunch of hens. Saw a few deer come to check out my decoys and then take off when they got "too close to me" and decided they'd rather be someplace else. About 18:00, called in a hen from the ravine and heard something running off to my left. I took a look and all I could see was the big red head looking out at the hen and my decoys. 15 feet away, he started walking past me...i slowly raised my gun, and BANG... the rest was history.

Please follow the link to the pictures, and thanks for letting me share.
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