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I like to stomp on fire at mounds. Well I was hunting hogs and decided to walk through and see if I couldn't jump something up. Well I was walking and came upon a fire ant mound that was nearly up to my knee. Forgetting that it had rained the night before I stomped right into the middle of that mound (smiling). When I lifted my foot back up I had about a 10lb brick of mud stuck to my boot with thousands upon thousands of angry fire ants on it. I screamed like a school girl hobbled to a tree a few feet away and started kicking. Finally I knocked them all off before I got bit by any. Whew that was close. Later that date I stopped by a tree to urinate and started getting bit on my leg. I looked down and I was standing there urinating with my left foot on a small fire ant mound. I did a dance and a lot of slapping on my legs. Worst part is that my buddy was waiting for me in the truck and watched me through the windshield running, dancing, and slapping while trying not to drop my pants around my ankles. It was bad!
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