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I will have to take a longbeard (anything with a 8"+ beard will be in danger. If I can I'll be looking at spurs. They score the most overall in the local contest where we hunt. Here's our formula.

Beard legth times 2 + spur times 10 + Spur times 10

Last year mine was 9.5' x 2 = 19
Left Spur .875 = 8.75
Right Spur .875 = 8.75

= 19 + 8.75+8.75 = 36.5 points for the contest

With a 11" beard it would have been 39.5
but with a 9.5" beard and 1.25" spurs

But...use my 9.5" beard with 1.125" spurs and you get = 41.5 points. You see? It's all in the dang spurs and most of the time you can't really see the spurs - and try to see that extra 1/4" at 40 yards! Well that's enough of my rant on scoring.
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