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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
That thars what ya call a LIMB HANGER! Congrats!!!

Where about was ya up here in the Old Dominion? Some of these hills could get pretty interesting to ya'll that ain't used to 'em, Heck, I've lived here all my life and don't feel up to tackling some of them. Sorry the birds weren't cooperating for ya. Where I've been hunting, the birds are gobbling their fool heads off until they get their feet on the ground. Then they develope bad cases of lock jaw! If ya listen real close ya can hear the hens coming from all directions. No need for the gobblers to go searching. Hopefully this'll end in the next week or so.

I was in Edinburg,Woodstock,Mount Jackson area......we stayed in town but the cabin is a mile up the mountain, then there's about another mile to the top.From down below it looks like it's one steep hill, once you get up in em, it's full of ridges , so it was up and down up and down....the up about killed me, the down was great, lol...from what I understand I had a gobbler coming in but the land owners neighbor decided he wanted to kill a turkey and he heard him gobbling(I couldn't hear him) and spooked him in the opposite direction, if he hadn't spooked him, he would of headed my way, but thats ok, I had a blast anyway, it's so beautiful there, other than the nasty COLD rain, lol....I got my learning lesson, I brought my dive booties, they're my hunting shoes down here, needless to say I had to go buy a pair of boots, year, it's going to be winter wear added to that collection, I froze half to death, lol.

Finally got my blog written and put most of the pics on my photbucket, if you're interested here are the links
my camospace blog
Happy Huntin' to all

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