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Stickflinger....Buddy please dont ever feel bad about asking questions or posting here, this is why we have this, to try and help everyone out there, we are just sorry we aren't around much.

YES....YES...YES....THERMACELLS.....bring extra butane and pads, we ahve never had any game spook from using them and we would NEVER hunt spring bears or turkeys or for that any early season anything with out them.

The border can be rough at times, but be honest with them and you will not have any problems. Make sure everyone has thier PASSPORTS and any other identification close by. If anyone is bring a firearm, make sure you have the paper work for it and have all of it ready for you will have to go into the office and take care of that. When you approach the border, if you have guys in the back seats, roll down all the windows so they see eveyone and know your not trying to hide anything. They will ask where your from, where your going and do you have any alcohol, tobacco, firearms and anything you bringing up and leaving in Canada. They are really cool but if you smart off you can be detained for hours or even turned back. Make sure no one you are traveling with has a DUI...ever! They can turn him or her back right there.

Coming back will take a bit longer for you will have bears to claim, and it is nothing to do it.

Bring your trailcameras, they tell you everything when you are not there and this is the only way to know what is happening at other bait sites if no one is sitting them, another MUST in our gear bag when it comes to bear hunting.
And this way when we see you in camp you can let ME....ME.....ME know where the BIG bears are and DON'T TELL VICKI....

ALso if you pass up any bear for us, I will find out and have one of the guides
put honey on your boots and leave you overnight in the bush, on the ground maybe even tied up...Hmmmmmm could make for great footage!

Something else we always bring with us, HS makes it, it is the light weight camo netting, just like Broadfieldpoint said and I agree with him! But we use this all teh time to help break up our silohets in the tree stands, or even in the permanent stands too, it really does help and we have used it to make portable make shift ground blinds and you want some excitting fun, do this at a bait site and have the bears come right up smelling inches away and only some thin material is between you and them...That will get your heart pumping. But really we always bring this stuff on all our hunts.

To get back to Broadfieldpoint, Yes, many of the baits from main camp are hit hard, but that is like many camps we have been too. we like to get as far away with as less amount of traffic as possible. We always like to talk with everyone at main camp but to be honest, we love being out all day, checking out new areas, setting up new bait sites, covering a lot of ground looking for big bear sign. That is what we call bear hunting. You will have a great time and we hope to see you there, we arrive on the 16th and stay until the 27th. If we can help with anything else just let us know....Good Luck, BearDown and be Safe....

Want to wish you all safe, fun, exciting and most of all Blessed hunting adventures this spring...And by the way, we just got our new BEAR N DOWN 8 in from the duplicators this afternoon.....What timing....
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