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Thanks for the replies. I feel bad for even posting the question as well as the link to the review. Before booking my hunt I contacted some of Dan’s past clients and they all had great things to say. We are all looking forward to a great experience with Dan and company at Spike Camp and it’s only a little over TWO WEEKS AWAY……….

Now for some questions for you guys that have hunted Canada!!

-Will the bugs be that bad mid May? Thermacell OK to use and still bag a bear or should I get some good head net gear? Bugs bad in camp (extra Thermacell stuff needed)?

-For planning our long drive is crossing the border going to be a huge delay? We are crossing in Montana and pulling an enclosed trailer with all our stuff. Are they going to make us unpack all our bags and bows etc. or just ask questions and let us through? I hear it may take longer coming back to US vs. going in? Are plan is to make it across the border on your first day (12 hour drive) but my change plans if the crossing takes time.

-I have a couple trail cams… Should I take them?

-Last but not least, should I shoot a huge blonde if it comes to the bait or let it walk so Ralph or Vickie can shoot it the following week

Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully I will run into some of you at camp, or at the Chez Dube.

If not SHOOT STRAIGHT and have a great hunt…..

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