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Default Trophy Book Outfitters

I hunted there several years ago and personally I have mixed feelings about my experiences. I will say this at the out set...I have total respect for Ralph and Vickie...I love their attitude, their pro family stance and their genuine love for the "little guys" who are out there working 9-5 and love this sport.

The only thing that I will say here is this, if you can hunt the spike it. Dan Hungle is one of the nicest and informed guys you will ever meet...very easy going. However, the area that they hunt has been hunted "alot". The region that holds the most potential for trophy bear hunters is across the Firebag river. This area is virtually untouched. I thought I was going to be hunting this virgin area and when I arrived I was informed that I would not hunt there due to a problem with the oil companies that have exclusive rights to the area for exploration. I had to settle for some of the tried and true sites from main camp. To be honest, I was dissapointed...I have shot numerous bears here in the state of Washington and knew this area had potential and knew what this region of Alberta was capable of...I never saw it...until the end of the hunt. I was the last hunter out of 7 to shoot a bear. On friday...I said " guys put a shooter in front of me and I'll shoot"...we then took a 1 1/2 hr. quad ride that was in spectacular country...finally...I sat in a stand that held good potential. Ended up shooting a 18"/ 300lbs'er...a bigger one came in but offered no shot. All's well that ends well. The year that I was there, there was no spike camp offered...if you can do the spike camp: DO IT! Dan Hungle is the real deal...and he has one of the best bear camps in Alberta ( I have been to numerous). There you have it...stay away from the main slam to Dan, its just that this area escpecially the tried and true baits that have been around for years have been hammered. Hope this helps...Ralph if you get to read this...Love you and Vickie! Broadfieldpoint.

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