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I wanted to put my two cents in about Trophy Book Outfitters. I hunted the spike camp last year with Ralph and Vicki. This was my first time black bear hunting. Everything about this camp was first class. The food at the spike camp was pretty plain, but I did no this in advance and besides, I didnt go to eat, I was there for the bear hunting. The Guides were great. We had Phil and Mike at the spike camp. They said it was pretty slow due to the late spring but I could not tell. I killed my first bear the first night. I was just looking for a nice bear. I killed my second bear the second night, a nice Pope and Young(19 2/16). I then filmed a buddy killing a P&Y on the same bait I killed my first bear on. Yes, thier wasnt any beaver but the Guides used alot of other bait such as meat scrapes and chocolates. The bears loved the chocolates. Every thing Ralph said on his post was right on. I saw no special treatment for R&V while I was in camp with them. I met the Guy that wrote all the negative things about Trophy Book outfitters. He was at the regular camp the same week so I talked to him before and after the hunt. This guy thought he new everything. He also forgot to mention that his dad was on this trip from Texas and was a first class gentleman, harvested two bears and had already re-booked for this year. I also was told that one of the Guides told him to hunt this one bait and he declined. Instead he put up a trail camera and hunted another stand. When they checked the camera after thier hunt, it showed a large color phase hitting the bait. I think you have picked a first class operation and you wont be disappointed.
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