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Default 1st turkey of the year

First day of second season here In Illinois. Set up today thinking that I was not going to see a turkey. Could not get a gobble off the roost. So I set up in a known strutting zone, and starting making calls periodically. I saw this bird come out at the far end of the field, but seemed to ignore my calls for the most part. Then it went into a semi strut ans kept feeding about 200 yards away. After about an hour the bird starting moving my way. As I shifted to get a shot I had a hen that I did not even see start putting right behind me. Finnaly she settled down and the strutter came over to my setup. This is when I realized that I had a bearded hen strutting for me. She ended up having a 81/2 in beard and little nubs for spurs. This is the first time that I have ever seen one.

Introduce a child to the outdoors!!!

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