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I'd say you do your part and let the guides do theirs.

Had a guide bang buckets on the ground(suppose to be quiet when hunting) take a stick, rake the inside of the bait barrel. Scooted the bottom of the bait barrel with his boot.
I was bout ready to say something when, he flashed me the thumbs up sign and walked out on the trail.

Within minutes I could see bears moving through the brush. He knew what he was doing, It was like ringing the dinner bell to the bears. A muffled sneeze on my part scared the beejeevies outta the first bear in. They sure do run plenty fast when they want too.

I killed a nice 6-4 bear the second day on the stand. This time, no sneeze and I was quiet as a churchmouse and moved so slow. had a total of 18 bear between the two days of hunting.

Manatoba is a great place to hunt bears.
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