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Default Another one for Ma

I burned yesterday so I couldn't roost my bird...
I got there, I was #5 Drove down to my parking area,I see another truck coming my way, my heart dropped, then he pulled in, we talked and he said he would go elsewhere, I was alone woohoooooo, let the hunt begin...
I hunted the powerline until 7:30...if they weren't there by then , they weren't coming...I heard no gobbling , at least nothing I was 100%sure of.I snuck into my honeyhole, while on the way in , I heard a squirrel barking",Thinking that he was barking at my gobbler, I said"come to mommy bigboy", just kidding around.I knew I had to be where I call the mouth, it's a small funnel, so
I got set up and I did 2 series of soft yelps and then a minute later I did 2 more but a lil louder this time...I saw green and black walking...Oh no, there he was but he was sticking to the outside edge of where I needed him to be, so I did a couple of purrs...I tried 2 times to get a shot while he was skirting me, but couldn't egt a good/clean shot, then he disapeared, then I saw him,he was heading right to me, so I had to scoot over to get a shot, He got within 30 yards and I took it....he dropped, I run over there, stepped on his neck, though there was no need, but I was making sure after he got by me twice previous, lol.....
I had my safety off twice prior to today, I just asked God not to let there be a third time without a shot.Thank God he finally gave me that bird.....He's the same bird I almost shot on accident when I shot my first bird , then to have my sights on him again and not shoot because i wouldn't take a crappy shot, I'm sure glad to have sealed the deal today.
His stats are 14.2 lbs.
1 1/16 and 1 1/8 in spurs
9 1/4 inch beard
I was pretty sure that he was the less dominant bird when I got my first one but I still had that , what if thing going on,bugging me lol.....but he had a 1/2'' shorter beard than the other one...both were 2 year birds.
I'm leaving fo Virginia in the a.m., 4:00.Hunting up there was a few days.

Happy Huntin' to all
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