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I see a pattern developing!!!! On Nov. 12th of last year I was on this forum whining about how tough my season was going!!! Then very next day I shot my first booner!!!

Well, yesterday I was talking to Kevin D., explaining to him why turkey hunting wasn't as fun for me as it used to be. I told him about my past 5-6 years of hunting that were extremely tough. I begged that for just one year it would be easy.

WELL...........I slept in this morning, took Cooper to school, stopped off at my favorite bar and grille for a pancake, took care of some paperwork at the firehouse....and then headed to the woods around 10:00 am. I was definitely in no hurry.

It felt weird not having a cameraman with me....but it also felt good. With everything going on in my life, I just wanted to chill out and do it solo. I originally planned on packing in the Alpha Max and ground blind, but decided at the last minute to take my trusty 'ol 12 guage instead.....trying to keep it simple and easy.

I walked back to my favorite corner of the farm and set my trio of dekes out. I then found a "comfy" spot under a big elm tree and thought about napping instead of hunting. I hit the slate call a few times, sent a picture from my phone to Adam showing my setup (with the caption "nap time") and then settled in for the last 2 1/2 hours of legal shooting hours.

10 minutes later I spotted a lone hen about 200 yards away crossing the corn field. I called to her but she totally ignored me (Don't worry, I'm used to it ) She kept right on walking and only looked my way a couple of times.

Once I lost sight of her I kept looking in the general direction just in case she had a boyfriend with her. About 2 minutes later I noticed movement just over the crest of the corn field and I strained to figure out what I was seeing. (The Nikons were in my truck )

After about 20 seconds of trying to figure out what the movement was....three mature gobblers went into full strut.....and so did I I started working my Bullmoose slate call and they came in on a string. It took no time at all for them to close the distance from 250ish yards to 20 and after watching a bit of the show....I couldn't help myself and blasted the biggest one of the bunch.

I'm gonna' head out this weekend and chase them with the Alpha Max.


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