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I tred the Classic Muzzy 100 grs. last year an had an complete pass thur. Thought about adding an grasshopper behind them to prevent pass-thoughs but not a big fan of tat idea.

Going to try afew other broadheads also before the season gets going here, like the NAP Spitfire's 100 grain, Rage Three blades, and Muzzy MX-3's and 4's 100 grain.

Our season here is an late opener on the 27th of the month but the first few weeks of the season are looking good as we haven't had that much nice weather. Just had about 6"+ of snow over the last few days. The turkeys haven't been moving much lately either and they haven't been doing much breeding as of yet. Compared to other years where they have been done for an week or more.

Have line on afew good birds just have to get them within range, before closing the deal.

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