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Default Do you have your sites set on a particular bird?

Every morning when I walk outside it sounds like a battle zone with all the toms gobbling. I can't claim I go turkey hunting anymore as it is more of just going out the front door and walking 1/4 mile and shooting a Tom. I guess to make it more exciting, I'll have to get real picky and go for the biggest bird w/best beard. Last year we harvested 3 birds during the spring season. They were:
28 1/2 lbs w/13" beard L spur 1 7/8" R spur 1 5/8"
25 lb 3oz w/3 beards (11", 8", 6"), L spur 1 1/2" R spur 1 1/2"
25 lb w/9" beard, L spur 1 3/8 R spur 1 1/2"

I have seen a couple of toms that drag their beard when walking upright out here that have to be pushing 30 lbs. They are on the hit list for this season.

Do you have your sites on a particular Tom, or is it first come, first serve?
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