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Yeah, I'm really lucky to have a couple of really good buddies in BC to go hunting with. Bull moose and Mountain caribou this September - can't wait! We'll be just south of the Yukon border in extremely remote country, on a lake that no one has been flown into in the last two years. This is a self-guided hunt, BTW, no guides working for anybody, just good friends hunting together.
We can generally draw a cow moose tag here in Alberta about every two - three years, and there is no restriction with regard to archery or rifle - the tag is good for either season. If you don't connect with archery gear, you can carry on during the rifle season. This way, the harvest stays more in line with what F&W wants to achieve with regard to herd numbers. Cow tags rarely go un-filled here; in five days of hunting moose this last November, we saw more moose than deer in the WMU that we hunted. The opportunities for deer are almost endless; no problem filling the freezer.

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