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It's just my personal opinion, but I feel that a self-hunt provides significantly greater rewards than a guided hunt. I know a guided hunt in all probability will give you a greater chance at success and in all likelyhood provide you with a higher scoring trophy, but there is just an imense sense of gratification knowing you've done it all yourself. I know there's a lot more work in a self-guided and self-outfitted hunt, and in really remote areas it's impractical, but my preference would be to do it myself. And if buddies are along to share, all the better.

BTW LadyArcher, I hunt just west of you in WMU29. I've been bowhunting there for moose since 1980 and absolutely love it. Wouldn't miss it for the anything. I've been taking my son with me since he was 15 (he's now 25) and it's one hunt each year he wouldn't miss for the world, even if we aren't lucky enough to draw a tag. I've found that the past few years, there's been a lot of extra archery cow tags after the first draw, so we've got a couple cow tags on our second choice. Unfortunately, the chance of an arrowed cow are pretty slim, so all the cow tag ends up doing is taking one of our group out of Pool#1 the next year.

I figure it's harder to draw the bull tag in the lottery in my WMU, than it is to actually call in and shoot a bull with a bow during the peak of the call. For those who have not experienced it, there is absolutely nothing like having a bull moose coming towards you and grunting in response to your calls.........WELL DANG! Now I'm all worked up and wishing it was September too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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