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LadyArcher: My oldest daughter is my steady hunting buddy. She was a little shocked when she became an adult, and saw just how much her licenses cost, though, as we have a much reduced price schedule for our youth hunters here in Alberta. Depending on how your moose numbers are doing in your area, taking a few cows/calves is not a bad thing. The train of thought is to try to keep a balanced bull:cow ratio, so as to get as good a recruitment of new calves as possible. They won't all be harvested during the hunting season, so taking a few is good wildlife management. If you have a really bad winter, the calves will die first, anyway. When MNR does their annual count/flyover, the number of tags issued will be in direct proportion to the numbers they come up with. This is basically how it works in Alberta, and our moose are thriving in this part of the province. Anyway, have lots of fun hunting with your kids; I do!

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