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I've been trying to let them know before they're ready to shoot that I'm ready and they can fire away. I usually tell them by whispering "shoot whenever you're ready".

Fortunately, being right over their shoulder, the've had a great idea of when I have an obstruction or not...hasn't been a problem. Still learning, trying to take Scott's advice but it's tough when you're in the moment to remember everything. I'm trying to focus on the shot and the reaction. The footage I have been getting is good footage but could be even better if I keep trying apply Scott's advice but dang it's tough! It'll get easier though, the more comfortable I get with it. I'm so used to having a bow in my hand.

I also find that my adrenaline pumps just as hard filming as when I'm the hunter...I think maybe it's nerves hoping they can close the deal. Cheri and Rick sure closed some deals with me last weekend! Can't wait to see the edited stuff!
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