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It has taken me a long time in the taxidermy business that you "can't please em all" try as I will some people are just not happy I used to spend hours worrying about 1 out of 500 customers per year. They are usually the last one to bring an issue to me personally although everyone else seems to have heard all about it. Normally they have to high of expectations for their specimen & the condition it was in but some people want the world taken care of just for them.I also help out a bear outfitter in Ontario and have had a customer tell me he was not going to shoot a bear even if was 500# if it had a small head when questioned on the subject the guy swore up and down he was NOT a trophy hunter. It's been 3 years and I still can't make sense of that one. What I am trying to say is talk to the outfitter , other customers and go with your original feeling & decision. One bad apple can spoil the bushel only if you let it. He who talks loudest usually has the least to say.
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