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Default Trophy Book- Review

Well, Let me tell you the other side of the story. The hunter that prosted that review was in camp the week before I was there. I met up with them at Chez Dube, there was one individual who was very vocal about the hunt. He pretty much said it word for word that was written in the review so, I know who the guy is. He failed to mention that he was not staying put on his stand. He tended to take walks, smoke while on stand, popping the tops on soft drinks, no telling what else. From the way he talked he was one hell of a great hunter and had only bad things to say about his hunt. He said he could have killed a couple of bears but said he was looking for bigger.

When we were on our way to camp Dan was very aware that this one individual was unhappy. He asked us if this individual had said anything. That is when Dan said that there were two side to every story. Dan told us that we will encounter some educated bears on some stands, and then he proceeded to tell us what happened. Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes, on one stand in particular, two different bears at two different times looked directly at me in the stand once they cleared the bush. They were educated and a bears memory is longer that other animals. We did have bever, not that much but there was some. Funny thing though, the bear that I shot was having a good time with green licorice (not too sure about the spelling) and there was bever in the bait area.

Bear hunting is just like hunting anything else, there are no gaurantees. My "trophy" was a bear that scored 15 5/8". I am just as proud of that bear as if it were a 20". But guess what.... I am going back to Trophy Book on May 16th. Hope we get to meet at Chez Dube. Good Luck
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