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I have to agree with Ralph. Call Dan and talk to him. I have been in his (Dan's)outfitting boots, and have been in the unenviable position where, no matter what I did, the action that particular year was very poor. And it can happen to anyone! The year before, I was 110%, and the year after, I was 110%. But you can be assured that he will be working for you - that is what we, as outfitters, are getting paid for, and further to that, it's work we like to do. I always believed that my clients deserved my very best efforts, and if the dismay and disappointment I heard from past clients when they heard of my intentions to shut my outfit down is any indication, then I accomplished my aim: To run the best camp that I could. Talk to Dan, and when you're up there, enjoy the whole experience. Good Luck and Good Hunting!!

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