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Hi John,
Many of our hunts are with outfitters or with friends. Alot of the deer hunts you see are us in areas that we get permission for and we set up our own stands, put out our trail cameras, try and pattern movement put food plots in, cut trails, mow trails or whatever we need to keep the odds in our favor. We love to do this.
When it comes to Canada and us not being residents we run into issues with certian animals can only be hunted with a registered guide or outfitter.
I started this many years ago backpacking into areas on public land hunting on my own and having more time to try and make something happen, that is for sure, but that was before all the filming took over.
We love to hunt for anything, so let's keep in touch and someday we can
share a campfire in BC. ANd you are right BC is gorgeous! And no need to appoligize for anything, we love feedback and any ideas for shows..
Thanks buddy.....
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