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Stickflinger...We are not sure who wrote that report but let us make some sense of it on our end.
We are not sure who all is fiming up there with Dan but we can speak for V & I on behalf of that report.
First....Yes we do stay longer, becasue Vicki & I film eachother, if we didn't we would only have a couple of days each to hunt, we normally switch off each afternoon so this way we can get in at least 4 sits each if we stay a few days longer. This year we are heading up to hunt with Dan again and arrive in Alberta May 16th and depart the 27th, this gives us each 5 sits.
Last year we hunted the spike camp and loved it, the first two hunters that hunted the spike camp with us both shot 2 bears each, and none of us had ANY baits that were only theirs to hunt. We did put up our Stealth cameras at numerous baits and on some of those the other hunters took thier bears. Almost on every bear hunt we send up some scent or we bring it if we can, anyone can do this, we buy it and send it up and we use this to sweeten up the baits we are running and checking everyday.
We don't sit in camp all day, we go out and run the baits with the guides, this allows us to learn and see more and we like this part of bear hunting. It is hard long days but normally pays big dividends. We have always felt the more you put into anything the more you get out.
Just for the record we only took 1 bear last year between V & I, yes it was slow, there were no beavers, and we thought that hurt the activity.
We were just not seeing a lot of pad prints in the dirt, hardly any scat on the roads and we traveled a lot each day. It seemed to us the bears were just not moving a lot, we saw other bears, but most were smaller than what we wanted. We know that the area has a lot of bears and that is why we are going back.
If I were you I would call Dan and be blunt about your feelings and let him know your concerns, we would do this with anyone we are going hunting with.. If you need anything from us please understand we are always here to try and do our very best for all of you, we are real and don't play games. If you feel something is wrong then face it and if we can help we will surely try. Let us know waht happens after you talk with him....
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