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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post
Wax build up on your string slows your arrows down. I was about every other time I shoot but then I take dental floss, wrap it around the string (or buss cable) and run it down the string to remove an excess wax. I also rub a little into my D-Loop.

Goat tuff glue is better that Fletch Tite...remember that. No one likes to see a vane peeling off 2 days after shooting.

Also, after peeling off old vanes (I use a pocket knife), I use fine grit sandpaper, then wash with warm soapy water before re-fletching. Many times if I have time, I put a single drop of my goat-tuff glue at the front of the vane to ensure that vulnerable joint is protected (although it's not necessary it's good as a precautionary measure).
I tried the dental floss trick and it worked great, awesome tip
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