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Originally Posted by YorkArcher View Post
The Monster is what started the whole PSE vs Mathews battle...

I don't know the details of the whole debate but from a novice the Monster and the X Force bows look very similar...
Yep PSE was gunning for Mathews if you look at all their advertising, it's geared to slant toward the Mathews line up of bows. Mathews isn't changing their advertising campaign. If you know the history with Matt McPherson of Mathews bows and the connection with McPherson bows he is clearly just continuing his design and engineering.

PSE engineering and McPherson/Mathews engineering looks at a distance to be similar but get closer and it really isn't.
Then again I shoot what I feel comfortable with and have confidence in the solocam technology. it's what I have been very happy with hunting, and the Monster to me feels like a solocam bow. PSE X bow does not to me. That's why I bought a Monster and have it on order. I think this old guy can make this bow hunt.

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