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Yesterday was for sure a sign its time to give up ice fishing for the year. It all started when I got gas and went to get some minnows, they said there were no more and probably wouldn't be getting any more in because people weren't paying for there minnows, the minnow shack is a seperate little building and you get the key and get your minnows and tell them how many you got. So a few bad people ruined it for everyone. So I figured i'll get minnows in the little town by the lake i was fishing at. I drive 60 miles stop at the gas station and you guessed it no minnows. Now what do I do, I figured I'll make the mile walk out on the lake and hope I can buy some minnows off someone else, luckily the first guy I talked to gave me some minnows, and wouldn't take any money, good fella. So I finnaly got to fishing, and nothing is biting, fished for about three hours and finnally had a bobber go down, so I went to set the hook and my drag was loose and I lost that fish. I tighten up my drag and commenced to fishing again, nothing happening again, its about sunset, I'm waitin for them to cut loose, and still nothing, then bobber down again, I set the hook, my rod bent in a U, it was big, but I reset my drag to tight and snap, broke my line. After a series of swear words I packed up my gear and headed for shore, walked by a guy with two kids and they were catching walleye left and right, told them to have fun and headed for home. Some days nothing goes right.
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