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Default Question?

Hey Ralph,
Big fan of ur show!! Now for my question. I've watched many of your shows and see that they have all been through an outfitter or someone's property. When was the last time you have been out in the boonies and filmed some action where there is no bait, or some form of conservation. Don't get me wrong but would love to see some hunting action where your out in an area where the real hunting is for the average hunter. Myself personally over the past 5 years ive taken down 4 bucks(all mules), and 1 imature bull moose. For the deer nothing smaller than a 4pt (canadian counting), so for the US its 3-8pts, 1-7pt. Anyways if ur interested in doing a show where the hunting is out there in some of the most beautiful area. Come to BC, Canada and try the South Thompson and enjoy the Shuswap!! email me back if ur interested in such a venue!! If im wrong about the hunting crown land and videoing it and putting it on ur show I apologize now!
thanks again
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