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Maybe we could get one of those high tech companies like NORTEL to coordinate this light signaling project and get investors like AIG to take care of the funding!

Ya I've heard both of those companies names mentioned when talking about million$............Oh wait! That was in lost millions...or was it billions? Wasn't it? DANG!!!!!!!!!

How about getting those guys from Mythbusters to come up with the high tech tweeking? Next to working on the staff at Archer's Choice, I think working for the guys and gals at Mythbusters would be my second choice for the perfect job and what'a "BLAST"......literally, if they hired me!

Whatever type of equipment we come up with to mount on the bow or gun, it'll have to be held on by duct tape, otherwise it'll likely just fall off! And remember, if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!

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