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An animal right in front of the hunter may not be in position for the cameraman. There could be a number of things in the way...a limb/branch, trees, even the hunter. And....even if the animal is in plain view of the cameraman, he may not be ready for the shot. He may be trying to position the camera so both hunter and animal are in the frame, he may be zoomed in tight on the animal to show off a cool feature, etc. etc. When the hunter asks "are you on him"...he is really asking..."are you on him....are you recording....are you framed and ready for the shot....focus good....ect, etc." A lot of things are happening in a short time for both cameraman and hunter leading up to the shot. A lot of time and effort has been invested to get to that point and we surely don't want to blow it!!!!

As far as communication between hunter and cameraman...there is nothing more reliable than the human voice. When I first started filming hunts, I thought a small light or other signaling device would be great. Then I got some experience and realized that it just wouldn't work. The hunter needs to have his eyes focused on the animal while using his ears to get the OK to shoot. KISS method applies here IMHO.

Besides, out of all of the electronic gadgets I own and use, the human senses are still the most reliable.

And then we still hear someone say outloud in a hunting situation, "O.K. You can shoot now". Or else we hear the hunter say, "Have you got the shot? Can I shoot now?" YEE GADS!

If we don't get the don't get to see it!!!!

I totally agree with you on the "FAKE" stuff. Keep it real!!!!
Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?


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