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Originally Posted by Liege View Post
Hey, Bud: You better check on the Yukon thing. I was on a site that said that all non-residents need to use an outfitter, but I would check it out so that you know for sure. It shouldn't be too long to draw a cow tag if you just want to fill the freezer. If you want to hunt bulls, I know a zone where you can draw a bull tag every second year, and the hunting is pretty good. If you can call, you should do alright. I went out to Neil's the other night, and I was shooting my new Rezen - very smooth!! I made some slight changes in my equipment, but the bow is shooting like a dream. A few more nights, and I'll have her dialed in.

I better check the yukon hunting guide again,I hate to get up there and not be able to hunt.The moose zone your talking about is around here?

I coming up to shoot for sure thursday,I have to get my truck fixed at noris ford that day.Who makes Rezen?
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