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Must be why they're called SINFUL? HUH?

All I'd have to do is sniff the pan of warm, raspberry smellin', chocolate fudge, melt in your mouth brownies and those calories, that somebody swore weren't in there, would start jumpimg on my midsecton along with all the other calories that weren't supposed to be in something I shouldn't have been eating. We won't even talk about that big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream.. Ya'll know the one...Not quite frozen, that's got that little bit of runny, thick stuff around it? Add this to the not-so-truthful brownies and watch the wasteline grow!

AF? Ya'll using canned berries for this or fresh?
Heck, I'll go buy another belt or something. Maybe just unbutton the top button of my britches and let my belly hide it!

This sounds too good not to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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