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Originally Posted by Liege View Post
I guess I should have been a little more detailed in my explanation. When I say "box", I actually meant just what you described, BowDrawn. I have used expanded metal "boxes" before, I just don't have any right now, as I sold them all when I sold my bear camp. Now, I have to get some new ones made up for my own bear hunting. Some of the antics the bears will pull trying to get that beaver out of the box are pretty hilarious, but it will keep them coming back. Timba, what are you mixing in with your oats? I was going to use old fryer grease, liquid smoke and sugar to start with, and maybe some molasses. The other barrel (I have two at each site) will be meat scraps.

I just use plain oats but spread cooking oil from the restraunt around on the ground.Another good thing is mix fish guts and liquid smoke in a pail let it sit in the sun for a week then take it to the bait and drill holes around the top and hang it high in a tree.It seemed to work real well last year for us.

I think I'm going to try the expanded melt box at a bait I'm going to run at the father in laws.When I head home to the farm next month I weld one up.

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