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Well that spot soon died off move to the south about an KM an got back on the trout once again. Couldn't find the Whitefish anywhere around.

On Feb 16 decided to moved it north about 9Km to join in with my brother in-law as they were doing really good for whiyefish where they were. Each day I wnet out I was limiting out on good 4+lb whitefish. The las day I was there this past week a caught an 2lb whitefish that I released then got an big 7lber later in the afternoon then at 3:30pm I hooked into an big trout. Manged to get him into the hut and out the door. ended up tipping the scales at 14lbs, my personal best ever for an Lake trout.

The gaff in the picture is 26" long, was by myself so had to wait to get home before getting a picture with thefish

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