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I agree. The British accent is annoying, doesn't work, and in my opinion has no part on our American hunting culture. Showcasing American game animals like WT deer and big bull elk with British narration is way out in left field. Pam is from Conroe, TX, you'd think she would know that narration doesn't fit. If it was one of the red-coated fox hunts I'd get it...of course I wouldn't watch it anyway.

I can't imagine Ralph and Vicki ever having a British narrator unless they were out gallavanting around in the deer woods in red coats, talk black boots, riding helmets and blunderbusts. Could you imagine a show with Toxey Haas or Cuz Strickland in knickers and polo clubs up in tree stands? No? Well, I can't watch deer hunting with that narration. Tell Pam to fire the narrator before I hang myself with my deer drag.

Suck up points: Vicki - you make every show you're on good!
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