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One thing that nobody's hit on yet is that it may be too big for your palate. You might try a H.S. Raspy Hen as suggested but the one for "small palates". Put it up there and say, "Chick" (or chuck) several times over. You should be getting a yelp. Say, "puck" for cutting, and say kee kee for, you guessed it a kee kee call. Purring tickles the roof of my mouth too much so I generally just purr using my lips. Mouth calls are easy and they keep your hands free...handy when hunting by yourself.

My other advice is to buy two of the same one starting out. Keep one in your vehicle and the other in the fridge in its case. The one in your vehicle is the practice one. Whenever you are driving alone, just pull that puppy out and practice. When I'm by myself in the truck I'm either practicing on my turkey calls or on my ducks calls. It's perfect practice time.
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