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Bear hunting can get in your blood and here is one that has been doing it since the 70's...yikes now you know my age! You are right on, we have had great hunts, ok hunts and hunts that really were BAD! Here are few things you need figure out.
Do you want to travel far? Are you looking for a color phase? Do you want more than one oppurtunity? HOw much do you want to $$$ and how much time can you take off?
There are some really good outfitters, like they said we have them on our outfitters page but before we get to that try and answer those questions.
Western Canada is great, BC is only spot & stalk it will cost a little more but you can take two bears and it really is a cool way to hunt..My Favorite!
Bait hunting is done all across Canada Alberta you can take 2 bears also and depending on where you go color phase oppurtunity can increase. Most of these camps are by wall tents and very comfortable. Sask has some great hunting too , some very good color phase and in any bear hunt if the outfitter really does his or her job you will have oppurtunity. Manitoba check out our two outfitters there you can't go wrong with either one, adn they all ahve color phases. Quebec has some very good bear hunting and normally if more affordable than most, mainly black bear there, not to many color.
Depending on the spring but here is what we base most of our times we pick each year on...Teh farther west you go the earlier you can count on, we will be hunting with Trophy West in BC the first week of May, then we head to Trophy Book Outfitters in Alberta middle of May and then we rap it up in mid June in Manitoba with Ken Gangler or Adreneline Outfitters. The more we get into June the more the sows get ready..(if you know what I mean) and this is when the big NO Brainers bears like Vicki likes to call them come out and want to play...The later in June the more rubbing you will see but we still ahve not seen any of those big boars rubbed like you see the smaller ones and sow later in June. Rubbing sort of looks like the top of my head......Doesn't make for a good rug or full mount. Hope this helps and let me knwo if you have any other questions. BEAR N DOWN 8 is almost here are you READY?????
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