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Originally Posted by AF Hunter View Post
For those who don't want original chili, add some beans, but this recipe is a meal in itself. Corn bread would be good with this, but I just bake up some homemade garlic bread when I make the chili. Now, when I say homemade, I take a loaf of Italian bread and lathe butter on it and then slice garlic thin and spread across the top and bake. This bread and chili could give you enough fire power to knock a buzzard off a manure spreader at 100 yards.
A Buzzard? Shooooooootttttttt...I like to put up those itty bitty deviled ham cans on a fence at about150 yards. By gum, I knock those babies clean off!! BAP BAP BAP BRAAPPPP BRRRRRRRRAAAAPPPPP Dang neighbors thought I was firing off a machine gun and called cops on me!
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